Drive Technology Overview

Precision is an important guarantee of quality when it comes to the interaction of timing belts and pulleys. Product-specific tests in our own test laboratory ensure our high quality standards. REIFF offers you a wide range of drive technology products and customized system solutions from a single source.

Product Range & Technical Expertise

With one of the industry's broadest product lines, over 100 years of technical distribution experience, and the highest level of expertise through our Mulco membership, we are your power transmission specialists.

Standard Items & Custom Solutions

Whether you need a standard product or a custom design, our extensive inventory of over 2,000 power transmission components and machining services can meet your needs.

Extreme precision - so that all processes mesh perfectly

The ability of a timing belt to do its job perfectly depends on the right choice of components for the application. That is why our timing belt portfolio is so diverse, allowing us to respond to specific requirements. With a carefully coordinated range of complementary products, we guarantee the perfect interplay of our system solutions in the field of transport, linear and drive technology.

Some drive technology products in our online store


  • Narrow V-belts
  • Wide V-belts
  • Double V-belts
  • Ended V-belts
  • Multi-ribbed V-belts

Timing belt

  • Profile AT, T
  • Profile HTD
  • Profile Synchrochain
  • Profile AR
  • CR profile

Discs and accessories

  • Toothed pulleys
  • V-belt pulleys
  • Clamping sets
  • Synchronizer shafts
  • Clamping connectors
  • Clamping plates
  • tension rollers
  • Taper bushes

Free Web Seminar: Timing Belt Technology

There is nothing that does not exist in timing belt technology. Every new application is a new challenge - and that is what makes the design of timing belt drives so interesting and fascinating. This webinar is all about the wide range of applications and the right product selection. Discover many other interesting web seminars on technical products!

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Professionals among professionals:
Mulco Working Group

Since the founding of Mulco, REIFF Technische Produkte has been a member of this European interest group of well-known manufacturers and distributors of polyurethane timing belt technology and drive solutions. An important focus of this working group is the comprehensive transfer of knowledge and joint development projects.