REIFF - Cooperation

REIFF Technische Produkte's special commitment

REIFF Technische Produkte collaborates closely with other companies and partners and is involved in various collaborative ventures and associations.
This collaboration enables logistics to be improved, delivery times reduced and competencies further enhanced.
Partner networks built up by REIFF Technische Produkte and others guarantees you optimum efficiency.
We in turn are able to pass these synergies on to you!
What we present here is a small selection of these collaborative ventures.

The MULCO working group is an affiliation of leading drive specialists. REIFF is your Mulco partner for the Württemberg sales region.

K4plus is a leading national affiliation of four major technical dealers and plastics processors. The regional market position on the one hand and the partners' professional expertise on the other are strengthened on account of this concentration of interests and volumes.

Trade association for the technical trade sector and professional institution for technical dealers in Germany and Austria.
Active representative of an active sector at the interface between the professional users and the manufacturing industry.

EDiS is a group of European firms that - although they operate independently within their home countries - exchange their know-how, expertise and technical assistance. Their goal consists of providing the customer with the best possible service, the highest product standards and availability.

The European Seal and Gasket Association (EUSGA) is a cooperation of companies which have specialised in seal technology. 26 companies from 23 European countries exchange their experiences, support each other in procurement and inform each other about new technical developments. REIFF is a founding member of this international cooperation which has existed for 11 years.