Individual Profile technology
Profile systems for your conservatory system

Profile Variety ex Warehouse

In addition to the comprehensive selection of standard profiles REIFF Technische Produkte specialises in special manufactures. We develop profiles according to the customer's design or technical specifications for application situations and fields of the most diverse kind.

Profile Materials
Our range comprises every standard elastomer and plastic. Our associates select the optimal material according to the requirement.

Profile Design - quick and cost-effective
Modern design techniques involve prototype components and prototype tools. Prototypes are generated cost-effectively using state-of-the-art laser processes in a matter of a few days.

Our machine language programme:

  • ACAD
  • Inventor
  • Mechanical Desktop

Frame Vulcanisation
For window and façade construction, the commercial vehicle industry and similar areas of production we manufacture entire profile systems. Even in the case of the most diverse dimensions we produce detail-precise sealing frames with vulcanised corner joints using the injection moulding process.